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The occurrence of an emergency event or making a claim is the 'moment of truth' for a policy holder and all too often they are provided with negative claim experiences that can only serve to damage the relationship between a broker and a policy holder.

The typical claim experience . . .

  • Emergency event causes distress and inconvenience for a policy holder
  • Frustration as many points of contact are required during the claims process
  • Time and effort required for a policy holder to manage a claim and any repair works
  • Difficulty in finding quality contractors
  • For commercial clients the focus on managing the claim may prove detrimental to core business activities

Broker Solutions schemes successfully utilise the claim event as an opportunity for a broker to add value for a
policy holder while providing additional income streams for themselves.

The Broker Solutions claim experience . . .

  • Emergency event dealt with promptly and effectively to minimise disruption
  • Dedicated surveyor provides one single point of contact throughout the entire claim
  • Clarity of the claim process provided on day 1
  • Time saved as no direct dealings required with the insurer, loss adjusters, surveyors or contractors
  • All works guaranteed and undertaken by approved contractors
  • No financial outlay by the policy holder
  • Speed of response helps to mitigate business interruption claims

As the landscape of the broking business becomes increasingly competitive, Broker Solutions provides a
simple and effective way for a broker to provide a truly differentiated level of customer service.

Steps to Utilise the Offer...

Broker Solutions can be implemented in whole or in part at no cost to the broker in a matter of days or even hours depending on the level of personalisation required for an individual broker.

1.  Agreement - The broker indicates the elements of the Broker Solutions offering that they feel would add value to their business. We will agree to a comprehensive set of performance standards that underpin the quality of service offered.


2.  Set-up - We will provide the broker with a dedicated phone number that will be used as the out of hours call line and further utilised for the broker to instruct us of property claims. The broker can redirect their phone system to the out of hours number or alternatively provide the number to policy holders to contact direct.

3.  Promotional Materials - We will provide promotional materials that will assist a broker in communicating the benefits of Broker Solutions to policy holders – if required these can be personalised for each individual broker.

4.  Review Meetings - We will provide regular updates to the broker of claims in progress and undertake review meetings to ensure the Broker Solutions offering is meeting and exceeding their needs.